Rain Water Harvesting Facility

Considering the need of public awareness about rain water harvesting to address water scarcity problem in this region a, Demonstration Model for Rain Water Harvesting has been established at  the centre with the collaboration of Institute of Environmental Studies and Wetland Management, Govt. of West Bengal. In this demonstrating model at District Science Centre, the rainwater from the roof of the building is being collected though PVC pipe line and stored at PVC tank, Brick masonry reservoir after draining out the first ten minutes of rain using first flush device.  A updated anti-bacteria filter attached to make the water potable. The capacity of the brick masonry reservoir is 7000 ltrs. Total 10,000 ltr of water can be stored in these reservoirs and in a single rainy season the reservoirs can be filled up four to five times and the effective storage of the rainwater harvesting system will be more than 40000 ltr yearly and excess water will be used for ground water recharging through the installed percolation pit.

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